Skinvive™ by Juvéderm®

As time passes, it’s natural to notice changes in our skin’s hydration and radiance. At Destination Aesthetics, we’re thrilled to offer a cutting-edge solution: Skinvive™ by Juvéderm®.

What is Skinvive™ by Juvéderm®?

Ideal for all skin types and tones, Skinvive™ by Juvéderm® is the first and only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable in the U.S. that improves cheek skin smoothness. This 15-minute procedure increases hydration, providing a glow lasting up to 6 months. Essentially, it offers the effects of a doctor-advised good night’s sleep and eight glasses of water per day, conveniently fitting into your lunch break.

How Does it Work?

The hyaluronic acid (HA) contained in Skinvive™ by Juvéderm® has remarkable hydrating properties that increase your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture and softness. When injected into the skin, HA attracts water to hydrate and smooth your skin for that coveted glow. It can also improve skin elasticity, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Injected into the skin, HA attracts water, hydrating and smoothing your skin for a coveted glow. It also improves skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. While topical skincare products provide surface hydration, Skinvive™ by Juvéderm® works more deeply within your skin, with studies showing increased hydration at the dermal layer for a radiant glow from within.

What Conditions Does it Treat?

Skinvive™ by Juvéderm® is ideal for anyone looking to treat early signs of aging or those who simply want to boost their glow. It can help with concerns such as:

  • Dehydrated skin
  • Fine lines
  • Rough skin texture
  • Dull skin

If any of these conditions trouble you, you may be a great candidate for Skinvive™ by Juvéderm®.

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