Veronica S.

Registered Nurse

Veronica is a Registered Nurse and our newest injector at Destination Aesthetics Sacramento location. She is crazy obsessed with skincare and nutrition. She loves to talk about the benefits of eating colorful high-quality foods packed with antioxidants. She advocates for getting the proper nutrients daily and drinking enough water, not only to keep us healthy, but to improve the appearance of our skin. Her best friend refers to her as the “water police”. You won’t catch her without her reusable water bottle nearby. 

Prior to Destination Aesthetics Veronica worked as a CNA in the medical surgical unit at Sutter Hospital. She feels grateful for the opportunity to have worked on the frontlines from day one of the pandemic.   It was her many years of experience as a DA client that made her want to join our team. She has been the recipient of the injectables she will be administering. She is glad she knows what it feels like to be sitting in the chair. She is particularly eager to learn the art of injecting from our very own and highly skilled Shawna Chrisman. Highlighting the natural beauty of our clients with injectables is her purpose. With a “pinch me, I must be dreaming” mindset she is honored to be a part of our growing team. She believes happiness comes from living a fulfilling life and with a great deal of time spent at work, she wants to do what she loves. So…she is. 

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