Elle M.

Registered Nurse

Elle M.

Elle M. is a United States Air Force Veteran with 8 years of trauma; surgical, and wound care experience (international and domestic). Early on she knew her true passion was to become a well-rounded, honorable aesthetic nurse. The USAF training was superior and helped Elle to carry the core values of: Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all we do, to both her professional and personal life.

After completing her contract with the USAF, she worked in: Alternative Medicine, Plastic Surgery (as Lead Surgical/Scrub RN), Emergency Medicine with a Strike Team, and finally into Aesthetic Nursing to fully embrace the concept of being well-rounded.

In her free time she enjoys: hiking, yoga, DIY her house remodel, and going on adventures to seek personal and professional growth.

“Life is all about balance…Seeking acceptance from within, while fine-tuning the exterior”.

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