Quench Your Summer Skin: How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated & Healthy All Season Long

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Summertime means fun in the sun, but while we may love getting plenty of rays, our skin isn’t always a fan. UV damage is one of the biggest—if not the biggest—causes of premature aging, from fine lines to sunspots and even more serious conditions. Fortunately, proper protection and skin care let us keep our complexions safe so we can enjoy the season without worry.

At our skin care hubs in Folsom and Roseville—and at our other medical spas in Elk Grove and Sacramento—you’ll find everything you need to keep your skin quenched and protected from summer skin damage. Read on to learn more about our favorite tips and treatments!

Stop Damage Before It Starts With SPF

The best way to outsmart sun damage? Protect your skin from UV rays that cause dehydrated skin, sun spots, premature aging, and other things you don’t need in your life. Choose products with at least SPF 30 and reapply throughout the day, especially if you’ll be in and out of the water.

“I start every morning with Colorscience Face shield to protect against UVA/UVB and HEV/Blue light,” says Christine, DA’s Skin Care Specialist. “Since Colorscience products’ primary base is Zinc & Titanium Dioxide, they are also all reef safe. I recommend reapplying your SPF every 2 hours whether you are indoors or out and wear a hat when outside for added protection.”

Tinted SPF makeup makes sunscreen easy to reapply—try the Colorescience® Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Brush-on Shield SPF 50. And there are lots of other products to choose from. Check out our favorites at the DA™ Beauty Store.

Treat Your Skin to a HydraFacial®

When it comes to keeping skin hydrated, HydraFacial® is your best friend. This ultra-hydrating treatment moisturizes your skin with powerful serums while sloughing away any existing damaged cells.

It’s a 45-minute, no-downtime treatment that’s easy to pencil in no matter your summer plans. Pop in every month or so to keep your complexion delightfully dewy. Just ask DA Esthetician, Jana, “HydraFacial is in a class of its own! Even for someone like myself who exfoliates regularly and uses only medical-grade products, it was shocking to see my ‘gunkie jar’ and how much dead skin was on my face! Ewe, so gross, yet so satisfying! After a HydraFacial treatment, your skin will have a noticeable glow and your products will penetrate deeper into your dermis giving you better, longer-lasting results.”

Don’t Let Damage Go Under the Radar

Early sun damage isn’t always visible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Fortunately, skin imaging with the Reveal Imager® lets you scan for pigmented spots, rough regions, and emerging fine lines that may signal undetected sun damage.

A quick imaging session helps your DA™ provider formulate the perfect treatment plan and gives you the power to track your improvements over time. You’ll get to compare your skin scans now and after your treatment protocol to see exactly how much healthier and happier your skin has become.

Go for Deep Hydration After You’ve Been In the Sun

Time in the sun zaps your skin of moisture—just picture a raisin or sun-dried tomato. Not the look you’re going for, we’re sure! After a day outdoors, replenish your skin’s hydration with a deep moisturizing mask or serum on top of your usual routine. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourself inside and out.

Curious about what you should include in your day-to-day skincare routine? Learn how to build yours from the ground up in our previous blog post.

Trust the Pros for a Little Extra Help

Want to treat your skin to TLC beyond what your at-home skincare routine can achieve? That’s where we come in! Visit a DA™ skin care hub in Roseville or Folsom to salvage dried-out skin, stock up on SPF products, and get personalized advice for preserving your youthful glow all summer and beyond.

To schedule your appointment at one of our medical spas in Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville, or Sacramento, contact us online or call (916) 844-4913. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other Qs about all things skin care!

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