How to Build Your Perfect Skincare Routine From the Ground Up (5 Steps)

Trying to put together your perfect skincare routine but overwhelmed by all the advice out there? The good news is an effective skincare routine doesn’t have to involve a ton of expensive products. In fact, sometimes getting back to basics is often the best way to give your skin a fresh start and figure out what it really needs.

Our skincare specialists in Folsom, Roseville, and Sacramento love helping clients like you put together regimens that really work, both now and in the long term! Here’s everything you need to know about where to begin building your routine—and why it’s worth working with a pro as you get started.

Before you start: Schedule a consultation with a skincare specialist.

As much as we would love to prescribe a perfect one-sits-fits-all skincare routine, the reality is that your routine should be as unique as your skin is. A skincare specialist will help you understand solutions for the specific issues you’re facing, whether they include acne, dryness, pigmentation issues, signs of aging—you name it.

At Destination Aesthetics™, we use a special skin camera called the Reveal Imager to see underlying concerns you may not notice in the mirror. We use this info to make product and treatment recommendations. We also use the results to track your progress as time goes on so you can really see the difference in your skin’s health.

Step 1: Start with a cleanser.

A cleanser’s job is to get rid of all debris, pollutants, and acne-causing oil and bacteria that build up on your skin. Use it morning and night to keep your skin fresh and clean.

Try: DA™ Skin Gentle Cleanser. This calming cleanser is suitable for all skin types and won’t cause irritation.

Step 2: Add exfoliation.

Slough away dead skin and keep your complexion fresh with exfoliation. Don’t go overboard— 2 to 3 times a week is all you need. You can choose between a physical exfoliant (a scrub) or a chemical exfoliant (a gentle peel).

Try: Obagi® Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish. This exfoliating facial scrub removes dead or damaged cells while brightening your complexion.  

Step 3: Give your skin a boost with serums.

Serums nourish your skin and target specific concerns you may be looking to treat. Popular serum ingredients include vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide, but the best choice for you will depend on your skin type.

Try: SkinMedica® TNS® Advanced+ Serum. This ultra-nourishing serum tackles multiple signs of aging with peptides, marine extracts, and growth factors.

Step 3: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Hydrated skin is plump, smooth, and agelessly youthful skin. Apply moisturizer morning and night to lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevent dehydration.  

Try: Obagi® Hydrate. This hypoallergenic daily moisturizer adds rejuvenating hydration to soothe your skin.

Step 4: Never, ever, ever skip the SPF.

Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your skin looking young and feeling healthy. Aim for SPF 30 or higher and reapply throughout the day to keep UV damage at bay.

Try: Colorescience® Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Face Shield. This sunscreen provides SPF 50 protection and blends invisibly into just about any skin tone, eliminating the white cast that some SPF products create.

Step 5: Add in extras as needed.

Specialized products for areas like the eyes and lips, or specific concerns like hyperpigmentation or acne, can fill in any gaps in your routine. Give your skin a few weeks to adjust to your new routine to decide whether you need any additional products.

Try: SkinMedica® HA5 Plump & Hydrate Lip System or DA™ Eye Cream. These make great additions to most skincare routines.  

Want to have a trained skincare specialist put together the perfect step-by-routine for you? Our team is always ready to help! Get recommendations and shop medical-grade skincare products when you visit one of our Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville, and Sacramento med spa locations.

Have questions? Contact us online or give us a call at (916) 844-4913!

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