How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal (MODEL)

To prepare for the hot, Northern California summer, it’s time to get on the phone and schedule your laser hair removal appointment at Destination Aesthetics Folsom. 

Now is the best time to start treatments to ensure your skin is smooth, hair-free and ready for shorts and taking trips to the beach. 

Our Folsom location offers laser hair removal services to address unwanted hair on your body. Treatment with laser energy means you can finally ditch the razors (and razor burn) and waxing strips and still achieve that smooth-looking skin.

Corinne Petterson, Physician Assistant in our Folsom office, says laser hair removal is great for people who get razor burn, ingrown hairs, or have dark facial hair.

“I barely shave my underarms and my hair is so thin,” explains Corrine. “ I no longer get itchy and irritating ingrown hairs. Honestly, I wish I did it a long time ago.”

Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigments in the hair follicle, heating each one to destroy the structure. Once the hair follicle is damaged, it will no longer support hair growth. 

“You will notice as your treatments continue, the hair follicle becoming thinner, and more patches growing back until it’s fully gone!” says Registered Nurse, Savannah Barnhill. 

In order to get optimal results from your laser hair removal sessions, there are some things you can do to prepare:

  • Laser treatments work great on dark-colored hair. If you have pale or blonde hair, you can still undergo treatment, but it may not be as effective.
  • In the weeks before your hair removal treatments, you need to stop waxing. For the laser treatment to be successful, the hair root, which waxing removes, needs to be intact.
  • To remove hair, you can continue shaving, including on the day of your laser hair removal appointment, as too much hair can also interfere with treatment.

Savannah says you should shave the day before, or even the day of, for best results and treatment.

  • If you spend time in the sun or use a tanning bed, you should stop before your hair removal treatment.
  • Some medications, such as blood thinners or anti-inflammatories, can interfere with your laser treatment. Be sure to bring a list of medications you take to give to your provider during your consultation.

Corinne says the list of medications includes no photosensitive drugs, no Accutane taken in last year, no recent antibiotics in the two weeks leading up to your treatment, and stop using  Vitamin C, Retinoin, Tretinoin, Hydroquinone, AHA/BHA at least one week before your appointment.

If you’re ready to finally get rid of unwanted body hair, schedule a consultation for laser hair removal today. You can call the office, or text us at 916-461-8001.

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