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With California gradually lifting shelter-in-place orders around the state, many women have explored do-it-yourself skincare treatments until they can book an appointment at a medical spa in Sacramento, Roseville, and surrounding areas. If you’re curious about what these at-home treatments can accomplish, it really depends on the product and your expectations.

Some of the devices provide definite benefits, but you shouldn’t expect the same level of results that you would get a medical spa. You can usually find these products for less than $100, so it may be worth checking out until you can see an aesthetician.

Some of the medical spa treatments you can try to emulate at home include:

  • Microneedling: There are plenty of options when it comes to DIY microneedling devices. These rollers typically have shorter and blunter needles than the microneedling devices used at our medical spa. They are not designed to puncture the skin, which means the procedure is more comfortable than professional microneedling treatments but won’t produce the types of results you can expect from a medical spa.
  • Laser hair removal: DIY laser treatments? Not exactly. Devices that emit very low levels of energy reduce unwanted hair, but they generally take several treatments and, even then, may not produce the desired outcome. If you do shop for an at-home hair removal device, make sure it’s safe to use on your type of skin tone. Most of these devices use intense pulsed light technology, which can’t be used safely on dark skin.
  • Facial massage: Stimulating facial muscle and tissue can help increase circulation and reduce puffiness. Facial rollers and massaging wands are 2 of the most popular techniques to massage the face. Your skin may appear tighter and refreshed, but the results are typically short-lived.
  • Light therapy: At-home LED treatments may conjure images of celebrities in full face masks with glowing lights. But not all DIY light-therapy devices are the same. The price range is quite wide (but you may get what you pay for). The benefits are real—used consistently, LED treatments can fight acne-causing bacteria, create plumper skin, and minimize wrinkles.

These at-home treatments can be part of your skincare regimen while you’re waiting for your medical spa to reopen but be sure to combine them with professional-grade skincare products. Remember, you can still schedule virtual consultations with one of our estheticians, and we’re offering free shipping on all skincare products. You can shop online at our SkinMedica® Brilliant Connections store and the DA™ Beauty Store.

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