Dark Skin & Med Spa Treatments: What You Need to Know

Dark Skin & Med Spa Treatments: What You Need to Know

Empowerment through beauty is what our Destination Aesthetics™ family believes in above all else. At our medical spa locations across the Roseville and Sacramento, CA, areas, we’re honored to help women and men of all skin tones look and feel their absolute best. Delivering the safest and most effective care possible means customizing every single treatment with you in mind, and that includes selecting treatments and products that work beautifully with your skin type, whatever that may be.

Read on to learn a bit more about how we identify skin types and the steps we take to best serve them all.

What Is the Fitzpatrick Scale?

The Fitzpatrick scale is a method of identifying skin types depending on the amount of pigment and the response to sun exposure. Developed in 1975, this scale categorizes skin into 6 types, ranging from ivory to darkest brown. You can learn more about these types and identify your own with Healthline’s helpful guide.

Knowing your Fitzpatrick skin type can help you identify potential risks to your skin and can serve as a handy reference point as you develop a personalized skincare regimen, including both at-home products and aesthetic treatments.

Which Laser Treatments Are Safe for Dark Skin Tones?

While most aesthetic treatments (injectables, body contouring, etc.) are safe for all skin types, lasers can carry some risks for post-treatment pigmentation issues.

Some laser and light treatments, such as IPL and ablative lasers, are known to cause hypopigmentation (skin lightening) and hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) in Fitzpatrick types 4 to 6.

However, laser treatments definitely aren’t off the table, especially when you’re working with an experienced laser tech (like one of our #DAGs) who is experienced and trained in treating dark skin tones. Non-ablative laser treatments such as the Lumenis® ResurFx™ are typically the safest. Others can be adjusted to less aggressive levels to better suit darker skin types.

What Is the Best Way to Address & Prevent Pigmentation Issues?

In addition to the laser treatments mentioned above, the chemical peels we offer at Destination Aesthetics™ can also be a safe option for evening out skin coloration and improving texture.

The number 1 universal skincare tip? Sunscreen, of course! No matter which Fitzpatrick type you are, lathering on the SPF is the best way to protect yourself against pigmentation issues, UV damage, and premature aging.

Diversity & the #DAdifference

At Destination Aesthetics™, we believe beauty comes in all colors. When you visit us to make your aesthetic goals a reality, you can count on us to create a fully customized treatment plan and offer recommendations for your specific needs and goals.

We’re committed to going above and beyond in everything we do, and that includes providing exceptional care for all skin tones and types. Our #DAGs are specially educated and trained in treating all skin types. We believe empowerment through beauty is a universal concept, and nothing is more beautiful than highlighting what makes you uniquely you.

If you would like to learn more about the best aesthetic treatments and skincare tips for your skin type, please contact us online or call or text (916) 844-4913 to schedule an appointment with one of our helpful #DAGs. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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