We Answered All Your Questions About Chin & Jawline Fillers

A woman pleased with her results from chin & jawline fillers.

When it comes to jaw-dropping transformations, nothing delivers like chin and jawline contouring with dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM®. At our Roseville-area medical spas, chin and jawline fillers are quickly becoming some of our most popular treatments, and with good reason. They’re faster, less invasive, and more affordable than surgery, and they have the power to elevate your look and transform your face with just a few quick injections.

Have questions about how these treatments work and what you can expect when you give them a try? Read on to get the answers.

How do chin and jawline fillers work?

Injectable dermal fillers add precise volume just below the skin, making them amazing for facial contouring. In the chin and jaw, we use them to increase the height and projection of the chin and sharpen up the jawline. This enhances the definition between the face and neck and creates a more elongated, balanced face shape.

A beautifully contoured chin and jaw frames the face, balances facial harmony, and heightens that sharp, sophisticated look stars like Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie are known for. (See more great celebrity examples in New Beauty.) With fillers, you can get the look without having to get surgery.

How does BOTOX® work for jawline contouring?

BOTOX® is a neuromodulator, meaning it relaxes specific muscles when injected. While it’s often used to smooth out wrinkles, it works wonders for facial contouring when injected into the masseter muscle responsible for chewing and talking.

By relaxing this muscle, we can soften a square jaw shape caused by excessive gum chewing, TMJ, and more. This creates a slimmer, more v-line face shape. It’s just one of the many lesser-known uses for BOTOX we love. Find out more in this previous blog post!

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Which filler is best for the chin and jawline?

We select from a variety of filler options, including JUVÉDERM®, Sculptra®, RADIESSE®, and Restylane®. The best option varies for each person, depending on existing facial structure, goals, and other factors. Your DA™ provider will recommend the best filler after an in-depth consultation to make sure you get the best results for you.

What will my chin filler before-and-after look like?

Every procedure is customized, but overall, you can expect a sharper jawline, more balanced chin size and shape, smoother skin (if depressions or wrinkles are filled in), and disguised jowls.

How long do chin and jawline fillers last?

The lifespan of chin and jawline fillers depends on the specific filler used. Some last a year or more, but all are temporary and will require touch-ups once or twice a year to maintain results.

BOTOX jawline slimming lasts about 3 months, but you may see longer-lasting results with regular treatments.

Are there other chin and jawline contouring treatments I should know about?

Reducing submental fullness (aka a double chin) is another great way to sharpen your jawline. One of the best treatments for this is KYBELLA®, an injectable that dissolves away this fat for a slimmer look. We’ll talk over all your contouring options during your consultation to create the perfect treatment plan for your specific needs.

Want to learn more about facial contouring with dermal fillers at Destination Aethetics™ medical spas in Elk Grove, Roseville, Folsom, or Sacramento? Let’s get in touch! Contact us online, call us at (916) 844-4913, or text us at (916) 461-8001 to get started today.

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    Add more symmetry to your face and enhance your look with the Jaw and Chin Definition. You have the freedom to choose how you want your chin to look. This type of dermal filler treatment lets you define your jawline. You either make it more feminine or more masculine.

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