Lauren S.

Registered Nurse

Lauren S.

My journey into the field of nursing began at an early age. Growing up with a mother who suffered from chronic health issues, I witnessed the unique opportunity that nurses have to instill hope, confidence, and positivity in their patients. These early experiences inspired me to work in the medical field and molded me into the nurse that I am today. I love connecting with people, hearing their stories, and supporting them to become the best version of themselves.

I began my studies at UCLA and received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Loma Linda University. I began my nursing career working as a neurology nurse on an acute care unit. While I’ve always had a passion for science, I have an equally artistic side that loves to create, imagine, explore, and design. Thus, my decision to transition into the field of aesthetic nursing was an effortless one. As a nurse injector, I am able to utilize my love for both art and science to touch the lives of others.

Last year, I was selected to be the newest Aesthetic Nurse Intern at Destination Aesthetics. My internship was comprised of extensive one-on-one training with Shawna Chrisman, who taught me everything I know about assessment, facial anatomy, cosmetic artistry, and most importantly the reason behind what we do (to empower our patients!). As a new injector, I was privileged to have trained and worked with some of the top injectors in the nation. I am blessed to do what I love every single day and to do so alongside a team of amazing women. My ultimate goal is for you to leave our office feeling confident and empowered. I promise to always focus on what is most important to YOU. I want you to feel comfortable sharing your concerns with me, and know that together we will create a plan to achieve all of your aesthetic goals safely, efficiently, and with your best interest at heart.

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