Hilary E.

Physician Associate

Hilary E.

I graduated from Samuel Merritt University and obtained my Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies in 2016. My passion for medical and cosmetic dermatology took flight when practicing in the family medicine and internal medicine space. Throughout my experiences, I realized there is a multifaceted approach to address skin health. I take interest in the gut microbiome and its connection to not only the mind, but the skin. I stay current with ongoing clinical research in this area because I consider it my duty to help patient’s feel and look their best. During my time in the primary care setting, I merged integrative and evidence-based medicine in conjunction with nutrition and lifestyle practices.

I also practiced at a private cosmetic surgery practice where my love for aesthetics flourished. I was able to exercise my creativity by utilizing various lasers, microneedling devices, and injectables. I enjoyed educating my patients on the importance of lifestyle practices and utilizing science based devices and skin care to achieve the best aesthetic outcomes. I have developed a true passion for aesthetic medicine and continue to practice my craft while also making sure I educate my patients on the aging process and how to incorporate overall wellness.

I remain committed to the medical and cosmetic dermatology space and continue to practice as an aesthetic provider. I am an active member of Society of Dermatology PAs (SDPA) where I still take part in continuing medical education in medical dermatology. I stay current and enjoy the ongoing education in the world of aesthetics and respect the artistry it takes to obtain outstanding results. My mission is to create natural appearing results by implementing scientific principles of aging with sound aesthetic technique. I believe while aging is a normal process of life, we can definitely redefine the concept of aging gracefully.

In my free time, I enjoy exercising, being outdoors, traveling, baking, decorating, exploring the outdoors, dance parties with my toddler, and spending quality time with my husband and son.

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